Monday, December 28, 2015

Dissonant Chords

Dissonant chords,
Shrouded, within the livid folds of life.......
Dance amidst the storm.......
Like fingers rushing across the keys.......
A music, mantled by dark shadows of lonely fear.......
Beguiling, like birdsong, in the middle of the night.......
Playing the souls of men.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Can you hear the colors.......
Does the music flow in a symphonic rainbow.......
And a word, masticate, like the tasting of creation.......
Why does the lighted photon speak to my heart
In the rhythm and pulsebeat of another land.......a world apart?

Monday, November 02, 2015

I Want To Fly

I want to fly
Free across the sky;
Unbounded, by the fetters
Of my little world.......
I am transfixed by a wanderlust
That propels me,
Like fairy dust on the wind:
I want to see the stars,
To feel the winds that birth tornadoes,
To befriend the moonlight.......
Who so often guides me in its serenity;
I want to discover the beauty a land
Covered, in deep natural hues.......
The freedom to fly,
Is the freedom to wander
Across the land, as oasis one day,
And stormcloud the next,
To lift above it all,
And freely lay my bags behind.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Have we not pondered these things:
Even in childhood,
Through all our days,
And those long whimsical nights;
And have we not sung the songs
Which grew.......
Out of the revelation of the story within us,
And around us;
And have not these songs been born within us,
To direct, and encourage us into the story;
To become one with it,
We seek it out.......
We see it in flickers of motion;
And as we grasp.......
It is we who are apprehended by the story;
And by the Storyteller, Himself:
Truth is,
We, have been apprehended on our search,
But it is the glory of God, to daily renew Himself;
And this apprehension,
For each time of its seeing.......
Is its own renewal....... 
As if, this night of seeing it
As though I had not seen it before;
Does not mean that I have not seen it before:
I am not speaking here
About degrees of comprehension;
But of depths; of penetration.

Monday, July 06, 2015

A Day

A Day

A day.......a new day.......
Risen upon us from the depths of eternity;
Girt, all around with wonder, and surprise:
A new day,
Emerging from the womb of darkness,
Into the light of our lives.......
It is a new creation of light and life,
Brought into being by the hand of God:
It is, in itself, one entire perfect sphere
Of space and time.......
Unique.......filled, and emptied of the sun.......
Yet, every past generation is represented within it,
It is, as in every day, the flowering of all history;
Richer, therefore,
Than all other days that have preceded it:
And into this new day, we too have been recreated,
Into new life, new opportunities, and new powers:
Called into this utmost promontory of now,
This moving center of all converging life;
It is for this day that we have been endowed,
It is for this day that we have been
Pressed, created, and surrounded.......
The sum of our entire being is concentrated here;
And today is all the time we absolutely have.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Man Has Lost GOD

The average person in the world today, without faith and without God and without hope, is engaged in a desperate personal search and struggle throughout his lifetime. He does not really know what he is doing here. He does not know where he is going. The sad commentary is that everything he is doing is being done on borrowed time, borrowed money and borrowed strength—and he already knows that in the end he will surely die! It boils down to the bewildered confession of many humans that they have lost God somewhere along the way. Man, made more like God than any other creature, has become less like God than any other creature. Created to reflect the glory of God, he has retreated sullenly into his cave—reflecting only his own sinfulness. Certainly it is a tragedy above all tragedies in this world that love has gone from man's heart. Beyond that, light has gone from his mind. Having lost God, he blindly stumbled on through this dark world to find only a grave at the end! A.W.Tozer

Saturday, May 23, 2015

An Utter Fascination

By light, I see,
In words, I hear,
And with touch, I feel;
Yet through my lips,
I can give no expression
Of my experience
Within the Holy:
Only an unmistakable knowing;
And a communion of transcendence,
Consisting, simultaneously,
Of fear and trembling;
Within an utter fascination.

Monday, May 04, 2015


Where is this reality?    
All that I see fades away,    
All that I touch withers;    
Yet the pain,
The pain remains,    
The pain is real:     
It comprehends
The counsels of eternity,
And the transactions of time;
It brings a unity
To the changing patterns
That surround us;
I hear the promise,
Yet I bear the performance:
One is favor,
The other is act;
And all in between is pain:
It is an exacting harmony.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Wheel

The wheel sleeps
On its own swiftness:
No pause of action,
No rush of
Renewed consciousness;
Only a thought:
Of a pleasure.......
Or a satisfaction.......
Or a strength;
To whom I turn,
When action pauses:
When life becomes,
For a moment, still.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


"Creating a Clear Path to a Better Future"
The Inner Circle of Associated Assholes

as mentioned on the Zeph Report

Sunday, March 01, 2015


Clings about
The native soil
Of my heart:
Like trailing vines,
In life's embrace,
Enriching the land
Through every scent
And color,
Till all of life
Lies before me,
Luscious, and fragrant
As the first flush
Of the young crocus,
Slipping through the snow.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Renew.......A Haiku

I can see my life,
Woven, into the embers
Of a summer sky;

A soften transit
Into the dream-crossed twilight
Of uncounted years;

Threads, like ribbon skies
Between the eaves of heaven,
Braid my resting place;

Horizons expand,
And shadows of light display
Their smirks of whimsy;

Sacred encounters,
In His close and subtle touch,
Renew life within.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


My soul is
Silence unto God:
For my love,
I see all;
But I am prayer:
A soul
Cast into life,
As both battlefield
And temple.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Intuitions of Eternity

There is in every man,
Something that whispers
Of another place.......
A reminiscence of lost condition:
The intuitions of eternity,
Confined to a world of beginnings;
And like babies crying for the light,
When their only voice is a cry;
We sing life's song for a season of promise:
As the first movement of a new creation,
Set within the panoply of imagination.

Monday, January 12, 2015


There are moments,
By a sudden death
Of all hope;
We are too much wearied
To disbelieve:
We bow our head,
And raise a tear:
We asked;
And we have had
Our reply.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Question of Being

A human question;
A question of being,
With a mortal cry:
So Job poured out
His requiem, to
The disappointed
Hopes of man:
So comes a thought,
Amid the calling
Of the wind, and
The cracking of
The winter leaves;
Only one life
Have we heard of:
Phenomena all around;
Yet I am not,
For I have seen
The evanescence
Of a man,
Infinitely remote
From his desire;
So sensitive
To impression, yet
Unable to second
Designs and desires;
Where nothing is real
And nothing is realized:
All alone.......
And then to die,
In wonder that he
Had been born at all;
Mute, meek eyes,
Look to heaven:
They neither accuse,
Nor complain.