Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Quiet

The quiet, is
A realm within,
That is me,
Not me,
And greater
Than me.
Here He speaks
In a breath of silence:
Like the coming
Of a gentle breeze;
But always in a stillness,
That is grander
Than me;
Envelopes me;
And finally calls, to
That deeper truth,
Of the full moment
That is close within me;
So now, in quiet,
The knowing
Is so simple,
And so clear;
His silence surrounds;
In it, do all things
Display their depth;
And here, I find,
I am but a part
Of the depths of
All around me; and
When my silence within,
Comes to savor, and value
The silence that envelopes,
I will have entered,
Into the very
Heart of prayer;
When the two connect:
Silence into silence;
I am lifted into
The Mind of Christ:
For He is to be found
Only in the depths;
And in the depths,
It is always silent.

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