Friday, November 25, 2011


Oh lambs of God;
My beloved lambs:
How long wilt thou sleep?

We have been in pain,
As a woman with child;
Full of tossings to and fro,
Unto the dawn of the day:
Yet we have brought forth
Only wind.
We have not wrought
Deliverance on the earth;
Neither has the long night ended.

Cries the Holy One:
"Together, as My dead body,
Shall they arise!"
"Awake! ....... and sing!
Awake thou that sleepest;
And arise from the dead!
For now is the time
Of thy salvation;
And I shall give thee light."

Ye that dwell in the dust;
Gird up thy loins,
And cry out against the night:
Pour out thine heart
Before the face of the Lord;
And He will set thee in safety
From those who kindle against thee.
Speak unto them in His power;
And be not dismayed
At their faces.

Arise, and thresh!
Arise ....... contend thou
Before the mountains;
And let the hills hear thy voice:
For they sit in darkness;
And gross abomination
Covers the people.

Oh sleeper, arise!
Call upon thy God;
And anoint thy shield:
For the Lord, our God,
Has arisen within thee:
His sword goes before thee;
And His glory,
Shall be a witness
Upon thee.


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