Friday, June 03, 2011

Cunneda's Ramble; Volume 20: Partake Fully In The Lord

You will find, my friends, those of you who don't already know, that after yielding all to the Master, there will be a virtual revolution in your attitudes, relationships, and thinking: and that all things will truly become new. Our Lord will come so fully to possess us by His Spirit that our very frames-of-mind will be governed by Him. Are we moved to pray? He gives that spirit of prayer, and access into the presence of the living God. And our prayers have a force and a vitality that leads us to dismiss the seemingly impossible. He holds us in palm of His hands; and the caress of His breath makes our hearts to sing. He girds us with might---we are more than conquerors in Him.
Not only did we die in Christ - in Him we arose. Our death to self is but the gate-way to a larger, fuller life-a vastly more abundant life. As we partake of our Lord's death to self; Almighty God consigns us to share in the tomb; where the old self is dethroned and left behind. Here, my friends, we begin to see that we are the recipients of a life infinitely more wonderful-the life of the Ages. We become once more temples of the living God---With that element of discord and shame removed, God comes again into His own rightful habitation within us, and for the first time we truly know what it is to live.

Volume 20 of Cunneda's Ramble:
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