Monday, May 23, 2011

On The Road with Cunneda; Volume 11

On The Road with Cunneda;
Volume 11: A Few More Thoughts;
is now up @

Driving through the storms;
My wits hover,
In the consciousness
Of His loving presence;
And all unrest is soothed:
The heaving ocean,
Lodged high in my throat;
Is as an untroubled bayou;
Charmed, and glistening,
In the evening sun.

Or sometimes;

I just load up
my headphones and do a podcast:
Just a few words on the storms;
on our Fearless Leader's declaration
to Israel on its borders; and on
the non-rapture event; or the rapture
non-event, as you wish.
Also; I do seem to be having a bit
of a static problem in the early
portion of the podcast; I trust it
is not too bothersome. I may need
to invest in a better portable
voice recorder.

Until the next time my friends;


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