Thursday, January 29, 2015


My soul is
Silence unto God:
For my love,
I see all;
But I am prayer:
A soul
Cast into life,
As both battlefield
And temple.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Intuitions of Eternity

There is in every man,
Something that whispers
Of another place.......
A reminiscence of lost condition:
The intuitions of eternity,
Confined to a world of beginnings;
And like babies crying for the light,
When their only voice is a cry;
We sing life's song for a season of promise:
As the first movement of a new creation,
Set within the panoply of imagination.

Monday, January 12, 2015


There are moments,
By a sudden death
Of all hope;
We are too much wearied
To disbelieve:
We bow our head,
And raise a tear:
We asked;
And we have had
Our reply.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Question of Being

A human question;
A question of being,
With a mortal cry:
So Job poured out
His requiem, to
The disappointed
Hopes of man:
So comes a thought,
Amid the calling
Of the wind, and
The cracking of
The winter leaves;
Only one life
Have we heard of:
Phenomena all around;
Yet I am not,
For I have seen
The evanescence
Of a man,
Infinitely remote
From his desire;
So sensitive
To impression, yet
Unable to second
Designs and desires;
Where nothing is real
And nothing is realized:
All alone.......
And then to die,
In wonder that he
Had been born at all;
Mute, meek eyes,
Look to heaven:
They neither accuse,
Nor complain.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Did you ever let your mind play with a thought; and just wander?

Everything happened all at a big bang.......the whole universe materialized and happened and was over; just like that.......a snap of the fingers, so to speak; and that materialization left a giant, almost living hologram.......a kind of programatic picture, if you will, where each part contains the whole; fully imprinted within. And so, each part, each individual, can be anywhere in the hologram at any particular time and experience the rest of the picture from that place. Once we're there, in the illusion, the Divine idea plays itself out, and we simply live the sequential events of time, as they are laid out.......from God's point of view in eternity everything we are; all that we experience has already happened.......the prodigal has long ago returned.  In the reality of eternity it's already over and done with and we're safe at home in heaven with God.  But in the world that was made, we seem to be stuck in an a kind of dream.  Time is an illusion;  and when we've all experienced it and have played each part and we get it, or accept it, or forgive will all disappear; and we will awake, and continue to just be at home with God in heaven.